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Wells County

Regional Sewer District

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Our Mission

Welcome to the Wells County Regional Sewer District. The Wells County Regional Sewer District (WCRSD) was established to provide sanitary sewer service in unincorporated areas of Wells County. The mission of the Wells County RSD is to find solutions for areas that have similar environmental problems to the original project in the McKinney/Paxson project area. There are several of these areas throughout the county.


The WCRSD was formed in 2009 to extend sanitary sewer service to the McKinney/Paxson area due to a finding of extremely high levels of e-coli found in the water table in the area.  The McKinney/Paxson project area was transitioned to the City of Bluffton after construction of the infrastructure was complete.  Since that time, the WCRSD has been seeking interlocal service agreements with municipalities in Wells County for the treatment of wastewater from WCRSD owned collection systems. These agreements allow projects to move forward in the many areas of Wells County with failed onsite septic systems.


Board of Trustees

The WCRSD is a standalone municipal agency of the state of Indiana. It is governed by 5 voting board of trustee members that are appointed by various governmental agencies in the county.

The current board of trustees are:

  • Dr. Richard Jackson, (Appointed by: County Council 2)
  • Jon Oman (Appointed by: City of Bluffton)
  • Leon Berning (Appointed by County Council 1)
  • Andy Stoller (Appointed by: County Commissioners)
  • Bruce K. Stinson (Appointed by: Commissioners 1)

Upcoming Events

The WCRSD meets every month to discuss community input and updates on current projects. Our calendar provides the most current and up to date schedule. Changes to the schedule are posted no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting’s date and time.


To submit questions or comments about failed septics, upcoming projects, or general information, please fill out the form below.

223 W. Washington St. Suite 208, Bluffton, IN 46714
1 (260) 353-1616

Wells County RSD Superintendent 
Lewis Brown
1 (260) 353-1616